Una historia en ingles

9 04 2008

Bueno les pondre esta historia y no les dire quien la escribio si alguien me dice le doy un premio. Esta en ingles pero esta facil de entender.


I looked at the clock it was 6:00 AM. They had to come now. The restaurant door opened, it was a small restaurant door opened, and it was a small restaurant kind of those from little towns or the ones at a motel. The door leads to four tables each one with four chairs a sugar dispenser, salt and pepper, there was also a large table like a bar one in one side of this table some large stools in the other side a coffee machine and a door to the kitchen.

So those three people entered the restaurant and came to my table well all of the tables where mine cause the restaurant was mine but the table I was at the side of the large one they sat down. I knew they weren’t here to it so I didn’t offered anything. They were big and looked like brothers their names weren’t mentioned and both of them had had their heads shaved. The bigger one of them opened the briefcase and showed me the cash there were about a ten packs of about ten thousand dollars each, I looked then they closed the briefcase left it at the table stood up and went out of my restaurant called Prometheus’s, I knew what I had to do.

And at that moment the shift started the two waitresses came in they were already in uniform and I went to the kitchen I was chef and owner of the Prometheus’s, but then it hit me They had already paid! I was no longer owner my own boss I had sold the restaurant I paid the waitresses sent them home and closed not for that day but forever.


Espero les guste y SuperMeow no vale darles pistas. Bueno chance despues.





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